Visa Services in Dubai


Visa Services in Dubai

Our PRO services include issuing different kinds of Residence Visas, First to help the investors and their families settle in Dubai

And Second to get visas for their employees, we can handle the full process of issuing and renewing the following residence visas:

  • Investor or Partner Residence visa
  • Employment Residence Visa
  • Family Residence Visa
Visa Services in Dubai

1) Investor or Partner Residence Visa:

In General, Each Investor or Partner requires a visa to stay in UAE 

And we call this visa Inventor or Partner Residence visa

Besides issuing it needs approval from DNRD

And requires few steps to get it including, First getting the entry permit

And second, making Emirates ID and Medical test

Then applying for medical insurance in order to issue the residence visa

And while the validity of this residence visa is 3 years

the government can give the approval to extend it to 10 years

2) Employment Residence Visa:

This kind of visas are the most common is UAE, As each employee should have an employment visa

In particular, To issue the employment residence visas we need two approvals, First from the ministry of MOHRE

And Second from DNRD, And it requires many steps from both authorities to issue the visa

including work permit and entry permit, After that making Emirates ID and Medical test

Additionally applying for medical insurance, Usually, the validity of the employment visa is 2 years.


 3) Family Residence Visas:

Investors and Employees in UAE can sponsor their families, In this case, a separate visa should be issued for each family member

As it’s illegal to stay in the country without a visa, However, issuing the visa depends on the DNRD approval

And the validity of the visa usually 2-3 years, As it should match the validity of the sponsor visa after all.





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