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All the legal documents and certificates originated outside UAE should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai, without this attestation it will not be eligible for legal use within the country. Prior to MOFA attestation, all documents and certificates are first attested by the UAE embassy in the country of origin, the attestation process includes all sort of documents such as Commercial Documents (Contracts – MOA – POA – BR – License – certificate of incorporation…etc.), Personal certificates (Educational, Marriage, birth and death certificates…etc.) besides the true copy attestations.

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1. Commercial Documents Attestation in Dubai

This kind of attestation is very common in Dubai, especially the attestation of Company Registration documents, Power of attorney attestation, Memorandum of association, Board resolution and certificate of incorporation, these documents are authenticated before the Notary Public in the original country, also it should have the UAE embassy seal before applying for MOFA attestation, the attested documents are usually used for the following purposes:

2. Personal Certificates Attestation in Dubai

Getting a correctly attested documents is very important in Dubai, whether you are trying to get a family visa, applying for private or government job, issuing a new passport for a newborn baby or starting a new business, make sure all documents and certificates are original, verified and properly attested by the related authorities, this includes but not limited to the following documents:

Educational certificate attestation

Most of the job designations in UAE require an attested educational certificate, this is important for work and employment, the high job positions are approved by MOHRE, the submitted educational certificate should be authentic and in the same designation field, it includes PhDs, Masters, Degrees, Diplomas, and Provisional Certificates.

Marriage certificate attestation

The marriage certificate is mandatory to anyone who is applying for a family visa, this is one of DNRD requirements to prove a real marriage, the certificate should be original and attested by MOFA, it is submitted along with the immigration application to get the family visa.

Birth certificate attestation

This certificate is very important, especially for newly born babies to prove who are the parents, the date and place of birth…etc., it is used to issue the passport and the child residence visa, if the baby is born in the country, the certificate will be attested inside the country, otherwise it requires the attestation of the UAE embassy in the home country and MOFA, the usage of this certificate is for getting a UAE residence visa, school admission, change the person name and for migration.

Death certificate attestation

When someone dies the government issues a certificate to prove the death incident, this certificate is attested by the government and the embassy, if the incident happened outside the UAE, the certificate is issued from the original country, it requires attestation by MOFA, the heirs should appoint a representative by special power of attorney, later they can transfer the inherited money, shares, properties, or sell the shares and liquidate any LLC company.

Medical certificate attestation

Also called sick leave certificate, it is required to prove an individual injury or illness, claim healthcare and apply for sick leave, it is issued by a hospital or a clinic, attested by the Ministry of Health, this certificate requires MOFA attestation if issued outside the UAE.

Good conduct certificate attestation

The police clearance certificate is another certificate used to prove the individual criminal statues, the government and the official authorities may ask for this certificate, it is used to apply for visa or migration, the process of the attestation is similar to other certificates, issued from the home country, attested by the UAE embassy and then MOFA attestation, for a short time of period, MOHRE was asking a good conduct certificate to any individual applying for new work permit in UAE, this rule is suspended for the time being.

True Copy Attestation in Dubai

A certified true copy is an attested or notarized photocopy of an original document to prove and confirm it as a true replicate, the true copy is usually done in the case of losing an original document, verifying an online document as original, or simply the need to have an extra true copy for personal or commercial use.

Department of Economic Development (DED)

All the commercial licenses issued by DED are online documents, this is done for many reasons such as: saving time, ease of access and because all government transactions in the UAE will become a 100% online, although the license can be verified online as original, some may need a certified true copy of the license, usually to submit it to a bank or a government authority in other emirate or outside the country.

Notary Public (Dubai Courts)

Forming a mainland company, branch of foreign company or Rep Office requires signing different agreements, these agreements are issued by a limited number of copies, sometimes the original copy is lost or the investor requires an extra original copy for legal or commercial purposes, in this case the Notary Public in Dubai can issue a certified true copy, the most common documents requested are: Memorandum of Associations, local service agent agreements, civil partnership agreements and Power of attorneys, the application is processed by the authorized person or his representative, the true copy is certified after paying the fees.

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