Documents Attestation Services in Dubai


Documents Attestation Services in Dubai

As part of our PRO services we offer Documents attestation services by Ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) for any documents or certificates coming from outside the country to be used inside UAE, the documents must be attested first from the UAE embassy in the original country before attesting the documents by MOFA in Dubai.

Documents Attestation Services

Why should you choose our Attestation services?

  • Professional Government Attestation
  • Also Fast and Punctual Attestation
  • Besides you get Fast Service
  • And Confidentiality is guaranteed 
  • Additionally, we Attest Documents from all authorities in Dubai
  • Plus our prices are very competitive 
  • All Attestations are original and authentic 
  • And above all, You can use this service as part of our business setup
  • All attestations meet the requirements of all governmental authorities in the UAE

In fact, all Documents that you need to: 1) open a branch of foreign company, 2) open a Rep. Office of Foreign company, 3) if you want to buy shares in a UAE based company by the name of your foreign company, 4) Get a family visa in UAE, 5) Get Employee visa with high Designation, 6) Open a Consultancy license in Dubai .. etc, requires attestation by Ministry of foreign affairs in order to submit it to the government authorities in Dubai and UAE.


Our services include :

  • Attestations From Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai (MOFA)
  • And attestations From Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED)
  • Also attestations From Notary Public in Dubai (Dubai Courts)
  • Additionally attestations From Embassies and Consulates in Dubai
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