Dubai Mainland Company Formation


Dubai Mainland Company Formation

A Mainland or Onshore Company is a legal entity, Which is registered under the Department of Economic Development in Dubai

Investors mostly prefer Dubai for its excellent location, besides it’s one of the Fastest Growing Markets in the World.

In reality, Starting a mainland company in Dubai can be complicated, Without the right experience.

First, We have to select the activity, To know the type of license, And estimate the required time to issue it

Next, We have to quickly issue the initial approval and the trade name 

Also, we have to prepare an MOA or LSA agreement, in order to attest it by the Notary Public in Dubai

Additionally, We have to get the tenancy contract 

Then we have to submit the papers to DED

And finally will get the Trade License.

Dubai Mainland Company Formation

Usually To Start a business in Dubai mainland, First, we have to select the legal form of the license, The most common legal forms for a mainland company are:


1) Sole Establishment :

The owner of a Sole establishment should be a person, not a company, However, this person will own 100% of the business, And keep full profits 

If the owner is a National of a country other than the UAE or GCC, they require a Local Service Agent (LSA) 

In fact, a corporate body cannot own a sole establishment.


2)  Civil Company :

A Civil Company is a business partnership for professionals, And the owners of a Civil Company can be of any nationality

If the owner is a National of a country other than the UAE or GCC, they require a Local Service Agent (LSA). 


3) Limited Liability Company – LLC :

This is the most common legal form in Dubai, It must have between 2-50 shareholders, 

Each of whom is liable only to the extent of his or her share in the capital, 

LLCs can have any industrial, commercial, professional or tourism activity, 

At least 51% of LLCs must be owned by UAE Nationals and can be fully owned by GCC nationals. 


 4) Branch of a Foreign Company :

A branch of a foreign company can practice professional activities, And some commercial and industrial activities, 

In general, the Ministry of Economy should give the approval, For doing commercial and industrial activities

The parent company will fully own the branch, operate under the same name, And do the same business as the main firm, 

In order to open a branch in Dubai, it also requires a Local Service Agent (LSA).



5) Representative Office :

A Rep. Office for Commercial Activities is not a business structure in its own, But usually, it is a business activity that a branch can conduct,

Which allow to promote the parent company’s business, But not do operations, It also requires a Local Service Agent (LSA).




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