Let’s be honest, starting a business in UAE is hard work and time consuming.

Business Setup Services in Dubai

We set up your business in Dubai – problem free!

Most people struggle to start a new business in UAE, so we created a process that simplifies the company setup procedures which reduces the formation time so you can focus on growing your business.

Save Time

Save time and effort

Starting a new business drains energy and time, our simple process will save you both, so you can dedicate your saved time to do other aspects of the business that contribute to more success.

Avoid Startup Problems

Avoid startup problems

Setting up a business in Dubai requires many decisions and actions, we will dedicate our extensive experience in the marketplace to avoid any problems or obstacles that may arise during your company setup.

Protect your company

Protect your business

Don’t open yourself to risk, safeguard your business by choosing the right legal structure, getting the correct permits and signing extra agreements, to protect your shares, assets and profits.

Your Professional Business Setup Partner

Paso is much more than a business setup firm, our client partnership starts with building relationships. A partnership with us will earn you a front-row sit in Dubai’s economic advancement. We provide you with first-hand information and assistance for your business setup. We take out the hassle in your company setup in UAE, allowing you more time to strategize on how to effectively run your business. Our experts offer professional consulting services for all your business needs.

Dubai offers unlimited economic support for start-ups and existing companies in reaching out to the world including the Middle East, South Asia, and even Africa. Investors and entrepreneurs around the world are taking advantage of Dubai’s economic boom in expanding their businesses. Take your business to the next level with our broad industry experience. Our corporate services will fast-track your business set up in Dubai, leaving no stone unturned. Waste no more time, exploit the flourishing economy of Dubai in moving your business forward.

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Our Services

Mainland Company Setup

Mainland Business Setup

Get a better business setup in Dubai mainland.

Free Zone Company Setup

Free Zone Business Setup

Set up a fully owned business in over 40 Free zones.

Offshore Company Setup

Offshore Business Setup

Start an offshore company and invest around the world.

Start Your Dubai Business

Start a Business in Dubai Without Hassle!

Leveraging on over 14 years of experience, company formation in Dubai would seem more of a daily routine than a daunting task. Without getting the appropriate help, a simple process might become an overwhelming challenge to start your business in Dubai. From our several years of experience, we’ve come to understand the key details and the proper channels to take in order to get things done faster.

Save yourself a priceless time and effort with our result-oriented business setup services in Dubai. Here at Paso, we have your best interest at heart. We pick out the best jurisdictions and license type that suits your activity and service. We make your business setup in UAE easier and less hassle!

We’ve Got You Covered Legally

You can’t overprotect your business enough when it comes to providing protection for your firm. We provide our clients with expert advice on what company protections contract they should do for a full business protection. We leave no loose ends. Let us go the extra mile for you in protecting your business shares and profits.

Company Legal Protection

Our Business Setup Process

Consulting Services

1. Consulting

We work with you to clarify the business setup process and create a scheduled plan that fit your time and budget.

Execution Process

2. Execution

Our team get to work with business solutions tailored to get you fast and practical results.

Business Launching

3. Result

You get your trade license, launch your business, start building your brand and getting revenues.

Full Business Package

We Provide the Full-Package

We provide our clients with holistic support in their setup process. From the point of our consultation service, we stand in your place, freeing you of all rigorous business setup stress and tiring paper works, until your company’s registration license issuance.

Our job doesn’t end here, partnering with us enlists you amongst our happy clients whom we offer constant professional advice on how to expand their businesses while having sufficient legal protection. Paso provide insights on business setup rudiments that should be put into major consideration when crafting your company’s structure. Some of this keynote factors include:

  • The present position of your company
  • Future company development plans
  • Capital and shares
  • Future in-take of investors
  • Tax implications of the structure
  • Personal liability and company risk
  • The probability of future merging of companies

We Position Your Business for Progress

Your business setup in Dubai might seem straightforward and bump-free but without professional advice and guidance, you’ll wind up in time and money wasting processes. Expert advice is needed to know the difference between the types of companies there are. For instance, a mainland company differs from a free zone company in the nature of ownership, liability limits, economic benefit and the need for UAE nationals as partners or service agents. From our several years of experience, we know what type of businesses will thrive when located in either the mainland or the free zones, and what type of license will support the activity of the business.

Business Success

Road Map to Starting Your Business Setup in Dubai

When you decide to start a branch or setup a new company, picking the best business setup consultant in Dubai is just as important as any other process involved. Our business setup consultancy is a highly positioned company with many years of experience and skilled experts who are well abreast with the company formation procedures.The business setup in Dubai follows a number of steps which can be achieved in the shortest time frame with the proper assistance. The setup process includes:

This is a very important aspect of the business setup process. The quality of the name chosen will go a long way in telling your potential customers about your company and the services you render. This stage must be undertaken with patience as most good trade names have been taken or reserved. Picking out a trade name is an important aspect of the general guidelines necessary for the issuance authority.

This stage ensures the authorities awareness of your business and the verification of all required documents. All paper documents including passports copies, visa copies and NOC’s are submitted for verification. This stage also entails the signing and submission of application form for approval.

Finding an office space after the issuance of the initial approval is important for the company setup in Dubai. Depending on the type of license obtained, the office location and options available might vary. In a case where your license is a mainland license, more options such as the business bay and Sheikh Zayed road are available for the taking. The business centers in Dubai provide furnished offices with a rent including all utility bills. On the other hand, free zones provide limited options of available rent space in the confines of the zone. Most free zones feature flexi desk options, where you can issue the license without using an actual office.

This stage of the process requires all partners involved to sign a partnership agreement which includes a declaration of the company’s capital, shares and the profit of each partner. This agreement would be attested at the notary public or at the free zone management office. This procedure might differ depending on the type of license acquired.

After thoroughly vetting all submitted documents and fulfillment of all requirements, the licensing authority issues the final payment voucher. After payments are made, your official business license will be issued and your company can legally operate in Dubai.

The Dubai Business Environment

Dubai is a global city that brims with beauty coupled with smart infrastructural systems. This explains why it is one of the most desired tourist attraction centers in the world.

Beyond this, it has one of the fastest growing well-structured business ecosystems made up of both foreign and local companies alike. Dubai is a major regional and international transport hub that functions as a stop-point or final destination for various airlines and travelers.

In the past few decades, Dubai has seen a remarkable development throughout all sectors of its economy. Gone are the days when the major revenue source was oil. With a more diversified revenue system, Dubai now rely on trade, tourism, and their ever-flourishing finance sector.

Dubai’s geographical location falls right between the Asia and Europe market, which made it a major contributor and integral part of a global trading ecosystem established through years of hard work and strategic planning. This has made Dubai the business oasis center of the world where international and local companies come to trade and reach out to the rest of the world.

Dubai Environment
Dubai Government Departments

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