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Each country has its own culture and language, it’s not easy to live and work in a foreign country, you have to learn the country law, terms, and the language, therefore, any certificates or original documents you carry with you should be translated into the new language, this ensures the processing smoothness of any educational application or government transaction.

Considering the expertise and confidentiality required for this process, we therefore, employ only the best certified legal translators in Dubai who are certified by the Ministry of Justice, we ensure our clients get the best quality legal translation services the country has to offer.

Certified Translation Services

There are three common types of translation services:

1. Normal Translation Services

A Normal Translation is the translation of a text to another language without the need of a legal translator signature and seal, the final document is normally used for a personal purpose such as translating a web document, website, normal letter, emails or any other document not intended for legal use.

2. Legal Translation Services

A legal translation in Dubai, is the translation of a text to another language, the translated document will hold the seal and signature of the legal translator, the Ministry of Justice stamp and printed on an original letterhead, this translation is usually intended for legal use, it is mandatory for government departments’ submissions, it includes Educational certificates, Birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates and any legal document written in non-Arabic language.

The legal translation services in Dubai are mostly used for Arabic language, the Arabic language is the official language in UAE, and any document submitted to a government department should be translated into Arabic, whether you are trying to issue a residence visa, open a business, appoint a lawyer or even get a new job, the Arabic translation in Dubai is a must for all your original documents.

When you wish to legally translate a certificate or a document into Arabic, the first step is to get the document attested, the attestation process starts in the country of origin and ends by Ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) attestation, the next step is submitting the original documents with passport copies or IDs to legal translation.

The commercial translation is the most common translation in UAE, it includes MOA contracts, Power of attorneys, board resolutions and certificates of incorporation…etc., these documents are especially needed to submit to the Economic Department and the Notary public in Dubai, any mistake in the documents could lead to legal problems in the future, these vital documents require properly executed legal translations into Arabic language.

3. Technical Translation Services

There are other kinds of certified translations, one of them is the technical translation, this translation is required for highly specialized documents that include technical terms and expressions, it includes many industries such as Engineering translation, medical translation, marketing translation, chemical translation, telecommunication translation, financial and energy translation…etc., the technical translation is more sophisticated and requires more time and experience, this is demanded usually for research papers, technical websites, manuals, brochures, catalogs, and guides.

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Website Localization

The website is an essential part of almost any business, globalization is allowing businesses to become international, localizing a website will market the business in new regions around the world, the main part is translating the website content, this should be done without changing the core message, but adapting it to the target market, besides localizing the company profile, product brochures, guides and manuals, this process can happen during the development, before launching the website, or even update an existing website by adding more languages after the launch.

Human Translation or Machine Translation

Translation is essential for people, businesses and companies, machine translation is common nowadays, the most common tool is google translate, the machine translation algorithms became very accurate, many people think it will replace human translation, this is never going to happen, simply because machines can never understand culture, it’s difficult to localize and it lacks elegance and style, especially for right to left languages like the Arabic language, the advantage of these tools: you can use it for free, but the disadvantage: it’s limited, it will never be efficient or 100% accurate.

The machine translation is useful if you need a fast translation, or to understand the general meaning of a text, as it uses a direct word to word translation, many people do the mistake of using google translate for a professional business, the professional translation will always need a human touch.

Arabic Copywriting

Localizing a website is an excellent move, but if you want to have more sales in the Arab world you need more content, we will help you create an Arabic copy from the original English copy, localize your marketing message to attract local customers, this will expand the clients base and increase sales, because customers are more likely to buy products in their original language, this is not limited to your website, it can include: brochures, newsletters, emails, press releases, and advertisements, it’s important to use a professional and qualified copywriters to spark the interest of your clients.

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Translation Languages

The UAE has over 180 nationalities, speaking different languages from all around the world, not everyone speaking English, people prefer to speak in their native language, targeting the maximum number of clients in their native language is not easy, the need for quality translation services is growing every day, it’s your chance to transform your business from local to international, translation is your connection to the world, here are the most common translation languages: Arabic, English, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Kurdish, Tagalog, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Farsi and more.

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