Legal Translation Services in Dubai


Legal Translation Services in Dubai

As part of our PRO services the Legal Translation services is one of our support services, we are dealing with the best certified legal translation offices in Dubai, Which are authorized by the ministry of justice, Only to make sure that our clients are getting the best value and quality.

In fact, every contract that requires the approval of Notary Public in Dubai must include the Arabic language or Legally translated to the Arabic language, And this includes all MOA contracts, LSA agreements, power of attorneys, And any other legal documents, All must include Arabic before submitting to the Notary Public.

Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Why should you choose our translation services?

  • Professional and Accurate Legal Translation
  • Also Fast and Punctual Translation
  • Besides you get Quality Legal Translation
  • And Confidentiality is guaranteed 
  • Additionally, we deal with Certified Legal Translation offices only
  • Plus our prices are very competitive 
  • All Translations will include Ministry of Justice stamp if required
  • And above all, You can use this service as part of our business setup
  • All Translations meet the requirements of all governmental authorities in the UAE

We know that translation now is so important for commercial companies, and international work, and even for individuals who are trying to develop their work, knowledge, and study, so we provide translation services from and to many languages with a focus on the Arabic language to help our customers in Dubai and UAE.

Our services are available for all clients in Dubai, We are always available to give you professional services at any time and when you need it.



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